Week five of a 5-week to-do list to help you prepare for Christmas

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Five

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Is it December 18th already?? Seven days and counting until Christmas morning. Hopefully you have been able to get most of your holiday preparations done over the past four weeks, but if this hectic holiday is beginning to take it's toll, try these 10 steps to zap holiday stress.

This week should be about finishing up all those things that will allow you to actually enjoy Christmas Eve and day with the rest of your family and friends. So try to get as much done as you can by the 23rd.

  • Finish up any gift-wrapping early in the week.

  • If you have stayed organized and have most of your holiday tasks complete, schedule a few extra holiday outings with your family. Go caroling or for a stroll around the neighborhood to look at lights. Or stay in and eat popcorn and cookies while watching a Christmas DVD.

  • Have you not had time to decorate yet? Try these last-minute holiday decorating tips.

  • Need a few small last-minute gifts for neighbors or co-workers? Make them some easy-to-make homemade candy.

  • If you need any very last-minute gifts, mobile gift cards can be a quick way to give a gift on the fly without leaving your house.

  • Make sure the tree stays watered.

  • Keep the house tidy so you do not have to take too much time de-cluttering before Christmas Eve. Have the family pitch in 15 minutes each day to help with this task.

  • Pre-make Christmas morning breakfast or brunch.

  • Get the stockings stuffed.

  • Charge the camera batteries overnight so all cameras are ready to go Christmas morning!
Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Five - Christmas is finally here
Week Five Checklist

For some of us, Christmas tasks will extend past the 25th. Here are some things you might want to get done after Santa has come and gone:

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