How to wrap Christmas gifts inexpensively

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

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Inexpensive Gift Wrap for Guys

Outdated maps and road atlases make great gift wrapping paper, especially for the men in your life.

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

I spend next to nothing for gift wrap, but my gifts get rave reviews for "creativity." I keep my eyes open for likely containers, such as inexpensive baskets, unusual boxes that need only a ribbon, free shopping bags, mesh bags from fruit, kids' party bootie bags, paper mache vegetable baskets.

Inexpensive Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Kids

I hate to spend money on gift bags and fancy paper that will just get thrown away so I now purchase children's pillowcases when they are on sale (sometimes for as little as 99 cents). I put the child's gift into the pillowcase and tie the top with a ribbon or, if it's a girl, a ponytail holder. The child now has a special pillow case that can be used along with whatever was inside.

Colorful Christmas Gift Wrap

For our immediate family, I use the colored advertising brochures that come with our newspaper as our wrapping paper. As the season approaches, often these ads have Christmas ideas or decorations on the ad pages. And even if it is just a grocery flier that's in color, from a distance, the gifts appear colorful under the tree no matter what is advertised. We don't get colored comics with our paper, but they too would work!

Inexpensive Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

Salvage shredded paper from the office shredder (with the employer's permission) for filling out gift bags and baskets!

Wrap gifts in construction paper; arrange paper doilies (or snowflakes) around the gift in a pleasing pattern and glue them in place. Pages from Christmas magazines and catalogs can be used for wrapping small gifts. Christmas magazines can also be used for tags, cards, etc.

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