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Babysitting to Earn Extra Cash

My son lives overseas and has two little girls. I decided to find a part-time job that would help pay for my trips. After exploring a few things that seemed awful, like retail or working in a phone bank, I realized that the answer was babysitting! I love children and I always get together with my friends during the week or Sundays, so Friday and Saturday evenings were perfect.

At $8 an hour (the going rate here) for "older" sitters, I actually really enjoyed the children and went home $28 richer for 3-1/2 hours. It's going right into a savings account. It doesn't interfere with my regular job. I spend the evening with cute children and in a beautiful house. What could be better? I actually had such a good time that I almost forgot that I was doing this for money. I found the ad in our local paper.

Cooking for Extra Cash

My family's income fluctuates from time to time so whenever we are short on cash or I simply want a little spending money I use this method to go about getting it.

I love to cook cake, cookies and breads for my family. Whenever I need a little extra spending money, I simply make more than my family will eat and visit the local banks and offices with my surplus. I charge a couple of dollars for each item and pre-wrap them for ease of distribution. I make homemade chocolate chip cookies, homemade sourdough bread and banana bread. I also make jam out of whatever fruit is in season and usually available in my yard. My family loves the treat and the extra money comes in handy. I simple go in and tell them I made some extra and was wondering if they would be interested in purchasing my surplus. I usually try to hit on Friday and right before lunch or at quitting time. I have made anywhere from $20 to $100 extra a week doing this.

Earn Extra Cash with Consumer Research

Consumer research panel, a company here that does focus groups for products, pays the most. I did one for herbal tea and made $75. Hubby did one for a computer product (specialized) for $150 and then they visited him at work for another survey related to it and he was paid $200 for a couple of hours of time. Basically the more specialized the product, the more money you get paid. Sometimes you get products like wine or pizza. They send out emails or phone you. Recently there was an email looking for kids, ages 8 - 12, for a survey on crackers. They were paid $35 for a couple of hours. I sent it to my friend who has a 10-year-old.
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Clear Clutter and Earn Extra Cash

I sell a lot of stuff! On eBay, I sell clothes that the kids have outgrown, books, some household items, shoes, toys, video games, DVDs, etc.

On Craigslist, I sell larger items like furniture, outdoor play equipment, bikes, suitcases, a kayak, and even a motorcycle. I also sold some smaller things that were too heavy for eBay like some tools my DH had and things that weren't worth selling on eBay like older video games and DVDs.

For me, if I think it's worth $5 or more, it's worth my time to sell it. If not, it gets donated. I never do garage/yard sales because they are too much work! If I see something that needs a new home, I sell it at the time. In the past, I've had boxes of things to sell when we had a garage sale and they just kept building up. Now, if it's worth selling, I sell it. If not, I donate it.

Earn Extra Cash at Home

If you like to entertain and help people, a business opportunity such as Home Interiors is a great way to make extra money by having shows at your home and taking brochure orders. You can also make money through fundraising with area schools, churches, etc. I'm an at-home mom and I make nice money without leaving my home.

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