How to eliminate fleas at home

Controlling and Eliminating Fleas

Grits to Eliminate Fleas

I had a flea problem in an apartment when I moved in and had maintenance spray numerous times, but they couldn't get rid of the fleas. I heard about grits and tried it. Sprinkle grits throughout; let this sit for five minutes and then vacuum.
Teresa R.

Eliminating Fleas at Home

To prevent fleas from returning, once you have shampooed all animals with a flea killing shampoo, wash all the bedding. Bomb the inside of the house and spray the surrounding area with proper flea preventative products. Vacuum daily with moth balls in the bag. Better yet, get a cylinder vacuum and empty it right away. I put moth crystals in my cylinder as well. This will help to kill or curtail the existing fleas and kill eggs in carpet.

Naturally Eliminate Fleas

Wash tile floors, tubs, showers, outdoor sidewalks, and white clothing with white vinegar and a small amount of water. Repels fleas and other insects. It's inexpensive and easy.

Scented Oil for Dog's Fleas

I have a suggestion, which works fairly well. Use lavender oil on the pet's fur. I put the oil on my palms and rub it onto the surface of the fur and then gently brush it through the fur to the skin level. Apply where fleas are worst, which seems to be the tail area and the ears. You can also put the lavender oil on the pet's collar. As far as I know, lavender oil is non-toxic.

Brewers Yeast Eliminates Fleas

Go to the feed store and buy, for $4.50, a jar of 500 tablets of brewer's yeast and garlic tablets. Give five to each dog every day, and they do like them!

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