Food Storage Tips

Food Storage Tips

Keeping dry goods like rice, flour and sugar fresh is easier by using empty metal coffee cans. The labels on the brand I purchase come off easily. I just write the name of the contents on the lid and on the side with a permanent marker. They stack nicely in the pantry and keep out ants or any other invaders.
Shawna P. in Barberton, OH

Food Storage in Pasta Jars

I save my pasta sauce jars and lids and use them to store leftover soup, dry pasta, and homemade pancake mix.

Food Storage Tips for Leftovers

I save lunchmeat containers. I buy the lunchmeat that comes in the small square container purposely for the container itself (since this brand costs about the same as the others but I see it as an added benefit). I use these for leftovers but also to freeze my "freezer meals" that I cook. Each container is a perfect portion for us (as far as main meals go). Plus, they stack perfectly in my deep freezer.

Candle Jars for Food Storage

I have a friend whose mother-in-law buys her a Yankee candle every Christmas. When the candle has burned down, she soaks the glass jar and lid in bleach/water for a few hours. This removes any candle smell from the jar. She uses these decorative jars as storage for rice, beans, macaroni, etc.

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