Hair Care Savings

At Home Hair Care Products

  • Shampoo - I scent baking soda with essential or fragrance oil. I use it by sprinkling a small amount into my hand and then splashing a bit of water on top to make a paste. I wash my hair as I would with shampoo and then rinse. I do alternate use with regular shampoo.

  • Condition - Some like to use warmed mayo or oil to give hair a nice hot oil treatment. Having oily hair, I have never liked this so I do use commercial conditioners once or twice a week.

  • Rinse - I use vinegar as a rinse after shampooing

Unique Hair Care

I whip two to three egg whites and massage them into my scalp before I shower (my hair is not wet while doing this), let them sit, and then get in the shower, rinse, and condition. I love the way it makes my hair look and feel. I have a lot of volume. Shampooing with egg whites takes an adjustment period.

Low Cost Hair Cut

I bought a "Flow bee" hair cutter through eBay because it looked like a good deal. It was. I cut my own hair about every two weeks and always look good. My wife, who did not support the purchase, became a convert after having her hair cut with the Flow bee just once. Now she no longer goes to the stylist. I know it isn't good to push a specific product, but this one actually worked. No, I don't sell the things. We have saved well over the purchase price in the year we have owned it.

Coupons for Hair Care

To give my hair an extra "kick," I regularly send for as many shampoo and conditioner samples as I can. First, I intermittently check the freebie websites. Then I use free GATOR software ( to fill out the forms (without it, the process would be tedious!). I also give an alternate email account, so the companies won't bombard my main email inbox with ads. Every two or three weeks, I get packs of great, expensive hair products (each little pack is good for at least two uses). All in all, I end up paying only for the "cheap stuff," but my hair gets a nice, healthy treat at least once a week.

Curls without Rollers

This is a very inexpensive way to make big Velcro rollers for body and big curls. Take your leftover paper towel rolls and toilet paper tubes and glue on the cheapest Velcro you can buy. Just a few strips will do. Put on three places across the length of the tube. You can roll your hair in these like regular Velcro rollers, bobby pin them up, and heat with a blow dryer. Once your hair cools, you will have beautiful big waves. This is great for people with short hair who want big volume.
Dollar Stretcher Reader

Hair Care Products

As a Hairdresser, I see many people who do not want to pay more for salon products, but if they are used properly, they should not cost any more than drug store brands. First, make sure you are not wasting shampoo and conditioner. Salon products have less water and wax in them, so you do not need nearly as much. You only need 1/4 to 1/2 of what you think you need.

Also make sure that hair is kept trimmed (every 4-8 weeks). Dried out hair will use more product.

Nightly Hair Care

I have a suggestion to keep little girls' hair tangle free. I have always had long hair and it was such a mess when I was young. To keep it tangle free at night, my mom would put it into a big loose braid after brushing it. In the morning I took out the braid and it was not only tangle free, but also wavy!
T. D.

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