Kids Valentines

Valentines Cards for School

One of my sons is still in elementary school and will give valentines to his entire class. After Valentine's Day is over, I buy the boxes of small valentines to exchange when they are severely discounted. I've gotten some boxes as low as 15 cents. I even found a bag of SpongeBob valentines with lollipops for less than 50 cents. Then I just save them until the next year and use them then. I've got several different ones in a bag for my son to choose from this year.

Valentines Dinner for Kids

We try to keep it fairly low key. There is usually a present (very small) and a small box of chocolates for the kids. For dinner, I usually go with a theme. Last year I made heart shaped pepperoni pizza with strawberry milkshakes. The kids love the theme dinners!
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Valentines Crafts

My daughter loves art and craft projects, so we'll be working together on the stuff for her classmates. I'm making little boxes and the ribbon will be a trim on the top box. A little heart will pop out (attached with a strip of accordion-ed paper) and there will be a piece of candy inside. My daughter will decorate the hearts and write the names on the boxes and put the candy inside. I will make the boxes and the accordion strip of paper.

Valentines Coupons

I think I'm going to make up little coupon books for kids. The coupons will be for things like 30 minutes to watch what they want on TV, a free "get of a chore" day, cookie baking with mom, etc.

Kids Love Play-Doh!

Mini Play-Doh tubs can be found in sets of 20 for $4.94 for Valentine's Day, so I purchased two set for both of my kids' classes.
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Valentines Puzzles and Dollar Gifts

The dollar store had great Valentine's Day puzzles for the kids. I also picked up a couple of hearts filled with jellybeans so the kids are done for Valentine's Day.
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