Controlling mice in your home

Methods for Getting Rid of Mice

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Get Rid of Mice with Poison

To help keep the mice/rats out of your shed/garage, put rat poison in a PVC pipe with a corner on it and put another piece of PVC pipe going straight up to pour the poison into the pipe. The mice/rats will go in and eat the poison and go out and eventually the poison will kill them.

Mothballs Get Rid of Mice

Being a new person to the South from the North, I tried a remedy that has worked with keeping mice away and that is mothballs. I put them where the dogs can't get them and haven't seen mice since!
A Dollar Stretcher Reader

Use Chocolate to Get Rid of Mice

When trying to get rid of mice, you may have to be creative in your bait. Look and see what the mouse has been eating. My cousin had a problem with mice once but couldn't seem to catch many using the old standby baits of cheese and peanut butter. She started looking at what the mice were feasting on in her kitchen and it turned out to be chocolate of all things. She began baiting the traps with leftover Easter chocolate candies and the mice flocked to the traps.
Bob H

Ultrasonic Pest Control Gets Rid of Mice

I didn't have any luck with the peppermint/spearmint oil from the natural food store, and I watched early one morning while my cat slept and the mouse ran by. That was funny, but still the mouse was getting into the trash. So I bought an ultrasonic pest control plug-in unit from Home Depot (3 for $20.) and so far it seems to be working.

Getting Rid of Mice with Beer

Having a dog that is a pig, a trap was not an option, as he'd uncover them to get the bait. Likewise, poison was out. We were told to put a pie tin out (out of the dogs range as well) and fill it with beer, and leave it out for the mice to get.

They love the beer, and since they lack the regurgitating reflex, they choke on their own vomit. I don't know if it qualifies as humane or not.

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