Sewing Tips

Reducing the Cost of Sewing Patterns

Here is a tip for people who sew. Sewing patterns are getting expensive, and especially with children's patterns, you end up cutting off three or more sizes when you cut out a pattern. I got this tip from a quilter. Trace the pattern onto freezer paper and cut out the freezer paper. Use the freezer paper to cut the pattern pieces out of your fabric. Iron the freezer paper to the fabric so you do not have to mark up your fabric with dots, dashes, etc.

Stretchy Material Sewing Tip

Many times when sewing a stretchy material, you need to use a paper stabilizer or backing to keep the material of your garment or craft project from stretching out. Try using a paper towel instead. It rips off much easier and is so much cheaper to use.

Dryer Sheets for Sewing

Here are some sewing uses for dryer sheets. You can use them as part of your lining for inside quilts. A quick run through the sewing machine can stitch old dryer sheets together and then lay them between the layers of quilting before your final stitch up. This also works great as backing for an appliqué you are going to add to a garment.

Discount Sewing Patterns

A recent article mentioned Wal-Mart's policy of selling sewing patterns at half price. I thought readers should know that Joann Fabrics and Joann Etc. have several pattern sales a year where patterns are priced at less than $1 each! The stores also offer discount fabrics. Sign up to receive special notice of promotions in the mail at or in the store.
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Saving Money on Patterns

Many clothing patterns offer multiple sizes. If you need to use a smaller size but are worried about not being able to use the same pattern for a larger size (even at less than $1 for the whole thing), you can trace the pattern with a ball-point pen on regular white gift tissue paper. Use masking tape to attach the white tissue to the pattern. Trace carefully, being sure to note any fold lines, seam allowances and other special instructions. Be careful when removing the masking tape. I have done this several times with good results, especially on simpler patterns.

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