Shaving Tips

Could Older Be Better?

I spent about $10 for a matching brush, mug, and soap, but you could also buy the brush and soap separately and use any old mug (the soap by itself costs all of $1!) The soap lasted twice as long as the shaving gel I used to buy for him, and he has no bumps or irritation anymore! It works so well that I now use the same system for shaving my legs and underarms, and I cut myself a lot less often. A nice shaving set would make a wonderful, useful gift for the man you love!
Jacki W. in Leesburg, Florida

Lady's Shaving Tip

I think most people have that "great special" brand of hair conditioner in their cupboards that just does not do the trick on your hair. Well, it makes a great shaving cream. Use that instead of buying shaving foam. It prevents those nasty little cuts on the legs, and your legs are smooth afterwards.
Blanche F. in Edmonton, Alberta

Homemade After-Shave Gel

Recently, my husband ran out of his favorite after-shave gel. Unfortunately, the company no longer has it in their catalog. My solution was to make some and it turned out great and only cost pennies!

After-Shave Gel

1/3 c. Aloe Vera gel
2-3 tsp. witch hazel (astringent found at pharmacy)
1 tsp. glycerin (moisturizer found at pharmacy)
1/2 tsp. cologne (I used a sample pack of a scent he likes)

Mix the above ingredients and put it in a squeeze tube or jar. Use this after shaving. It soothes and does not dry skin out like alcohol based after-shaves. With the light scent, it's not overwhelming.

Lathered Up!

I like to use regular hand lotion when I shave. It lubricates and moisturizes my face. Occasionally, I'll use a skin conditioning lotion that contains the fragrance of my favorite cologne.

Silky Skin in Seconds

Baby oil is the best shaving cream for a very close shave! Your legs will be smooth and moisturized and the razor blade seems to last forever when using only baby oil as a lubricant. Be sure to rinse out the tub after you are done to remove any slippery oil. My skin is so wonderful after doing this for a month. I catch myself rubbing my own legs and arms just to feel how silky they are!

Homemade After-Shave Lotion

We all know that the ingredients of after-shave lotion include water, alcohol and scent. Since I need it but I hate to pay a small fortune for such a trivial item, I decided to make my own after-shave lotion. I filled an empty bottle of after-shave lotion with 20% to 30% rubbing alcohol and the rest with water. I then added some cologne to the mix. After shaking it well, it's ready to use! It costs a fraction of the store bought after-shave lotion and it does the same job.
Marcel from Akron, Ohio

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