Repelling and Eliminating Ticks

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Getting Rid of Ticks with Sulfur

To rid my dogs and cats of fleas and ticks, I dust a small amount of sulfur flowers into their fur and their bedding or sleeping areas as well. It also can be used to run fleas and ticks out of your lawn by sprinkling lightly around the yard. I once was given two dogs that were covered with ticks. The ticks all fell off within an hour or so. Be careful how much you use as too much may not be healthy for the dog.

Crab Apples Get Rid of Ticks

Here's a tip for a free way to get rid of ticks and spiders in your house. Gather crab apples (also called horse apples) when they fall. Cut them in half and place them around your baseboards. These insects hate the scent of them and will leave in a hurry. I once freed a mobile home of flea infestation using this method. It works really well!
Glynda L. in Anadarko, OK

Use Vanilla to Get Rid of Ticks

One of the best natural insect repellants that I've discovered is made from the clear real vanilla (not the grocery store vanilla extract that is mostly alcohol). This is the pure vanilla that is sold in Mexico. It's cheap there if you know of someone that lives there or in the US close to the border. If not, health food stores usually carry it or can order it for you. I use half vanilla and half water and find that it works great for ticks, but don't know about other insects. It's nice that you don't smell like a chemical plant but a cookie!

Duck Tape Controls Ticks

My cousin and I went looking for a family cemetery this past summer, and in June with the grass in the fields being over waist high, snakes, chiggers and ticks were a major concern. We put boots and jeans on and took duck tape and wrapped it a couple times around the pant leg and boot to seal off any entry for bugs. We did use bug spray, but I was simply amazed that I did have four ticks that were crawling around but did not stick! Another duck tape use that is fantastic!

Natural Cure for Tick Bites

Make a paste made of meat tenderizer and water on a piece of paper towel and lay it on the sting of an insect. This has been known to work for bee stings for years, but it also works great for chigger and tick bites and we have been searching for help for these bites for a long time. This is the best help we have found for all around relief.
Joan Bish

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