Celebrating Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Balloons

With construction paper, crayons and markers, you can make your own decorations, cards, etc. Cut small hearts out of the construction paper (or any paper for that matter) and write sayings on them. Write poems, lyrics to love songs, or little IOU's for your significant other. Fold these hearts in half. Buy a bag of balloons, blow up the balloons, and place a heart in each balloon. Place these balloons in a room with the door closed, in a car at work, or do it while they are sleeping. Make a card and string a needle on thread. Tape the string to the card. Tell the person in the card that they have to pop the balloons to get the goodies inside.

Valentine's Day Dinner

I prepare a special dinner at home with several courses, wine and dessert. We make it a candlelight dinner and we dress in nice clothes for it. My husband and I have occasionally given each other gifts. He has given me roses, chocolates, teddy bears or dolls while I have given him books or collectibles.

Valentine's Day Parent's Night Out

For DH and I, this year we are taking advantage of another "parent's night out" at church and going to a movie. We have $20 in movie bucks so the movie will be free. The only cost will be paying for the babysitting at church. We decided no dinner out that night to avoid the long lines and crowds.

Valentine's Day Homemade Candy

Actually DH likes those cheap marshmallow hearts. If I can't find them, I make my own chocolate covered marshmallows by melting chocolate chips and mixing marshmallows in and dropping them on cookie sheets to harden. He loves them! And since they come out as snowmen, pumpkins, hearts, and eggs at the different holidays, it keeps him happy cheaply.
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Chores: A Valentine's Day Gift

Yes, roses are expensive. I keep telling my hubby to just buy me a mixed bouquet from the grocery store. I think having something done for you (like a van cleaning) is a great idea, especially for us old married couples. Nothing says "love" like having someone do a mundane task for you.

Unique Valentine's Day Gift

One Year I packed a new brief case with overnight supplies and a reservation to a hotel in the area. You could put gift certificates (hand made or bought) under the napkin to be opened after dinner. One year I made a survival kit for his car. It contained crackers, tuna, two bottles of water, a small blanket and some energy bars. I also added a book and a flashlight with extra batteries. To make it romantic, I added a silk flower and a letter that said how much I loved him. He still has the kit in his car along with the flower and a copy of the letter. The original letter is framed and hanging in our bedroom.

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