Ideas for great, affordable wedding gifts

Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Idea: Toolbox

A toolbox makes a great moving-out gift for a college student or young person getting their first apartment. It's also a great wedding shower gift or wedding gift!

Wedding Gift Idea: Household Necessities

When my sister and brother-in-law were married (years ago!), I made them a laundry/duffel bag and filled it with kitchen and household odds and ends.

Wedding Gift Idea: Apron

For wedding/shower gifts, I make over the neck butcher-type aprons from bright fabric. This style uses only one yard of material, and I'm always on the lookout for fabric at thrift shops and garage sales. In the pockets, I'll place utensils, cupcake liners, sprinkles, spices, and a package of napkins or whatever I've found on sale. Brides apparently do not receive aprons anymore. Many have said that my aprons are the only ones they have ever been given. Sometimes I'll make his and hers aprons, or make one in a general fabric and one in a Christmas fabric. I have made so many over the years that I can complete one in 27 minute from start to finish.

Wedding Gift Idea: Cleaning Supplies

I just did a shower gift for my friend who is 43 and getting married for the first time. I bought a Walgreen's reusable bag and filled it with cleaning supplies. She is moving into his apartment.

Wedding Gift Idea: IOU's

If you live close by, you could make her up a really nice book of service coupons for things you could do. Things like house cleaning, lawn mowing, pet watching, and any special services you do personally like painting or sewing/mending. Tie it with ribbons and wrap it nicely, etc. This gift has a lot of value because many of the services are expensive and will be appreciated by newlyweds. Plus, it's a personal touch, showing you really thought of them.
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Wedding Gift Idea: Dinner Gift Basket

For one friend, I made an Italian dinner gift basket; the basket was a stainless steel colander (Wal-Mart was cheapest) with a red and white towel laid in it. I then added a jar of sauce, some pasta, a couple of non-scented candles and a decadent chocolate bar for dessert. I think I put this together for about $10-12. If you have more money, you can add a very nice but inexpensive bottle of wine (think Trader Joe's for this) and still keep the total price well under $20. Box it up, wrap it, and add a note about having a romantic dinner at home after the rush and flurry of the wedding and/or honeymoon is over.

Another thing I did, and I've noticed that no one else ever seems to do this, was to frame their wedding invitation. A frame by its lonesome isn't too expensive and the invitations normally have a design on them so you don't have to have a mat.

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