Wood Finish Repair

Fixing a Wood Scratch

If a stained wood surface gets a scratch and you can see the lighter wood underneath, all you need to do is get a walnut. Using the meat of a walnut, rub it across the scratch. The oils in the walnut will hide the scratch. I have never tried this on light colored woods (such as ash), but for oak, cherry and walnut finishes, this has worked wonders.

Unique Fix for Wood Scratches

I have used nothing but peanut butter smeared on these scratches (or watermarks) and then wiped off later (sometimes as much as 8 hours later for a really bad scar) and it works on all woods!

Quick Scratch Remover

An owner of a local furniture store taught me how to quickly and easily fix scratched furniture. Get a can of shoe polish that closely matches the color of the wood and use that to repair your scratches. It works great. Just rub the polish on like you would for a pair of shoes and lightly buff. The small scratches will become unnoticeable, and the deep scratches become much less noticeable.

Scratch Remover

Have you ever gotten a scratch on your dark wood tables? Buy a small jar of instant coffee. Mix instant coffee with boiling water until it's the consistency of thick paint. Using a paintbrush or sponge, cover the scratch. Let it sit about an hour. Then, using a soft cloth, rub gently until excess coffee comes off. For a small area, you can use a thin coat of clear nail polish. You can also use this recipe to stain unstained furniture followed with varnish. It comes out beautiful.
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